Josh Luber: Inked People

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CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Luber, is Cool Dad Vibes All Day

Josh Luber is the founder of StockX,"the stock market of sneakers." Luber is turning sneaker collectors into next-gen stock traders. Luber founded StockX in February 2016, with Dan Gilbert, the billionaire behind Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Luber is the father of six-year-old, Fiona, and three-year-old, Javier. Fiona and Javier have a never-ending supply of Yeezys at their disposal.

StockX is a consumer marketplace, like eBay, which connects buyers and sellers using the same methods as the New York Stock Exchange. In January, Nike released LeBron's first retro sneaker directly onto StockX, which was featured on the New York Times homepage, and on SportsCenter. In February, StockX closed a $6M round with high profile investors including Eminem and Mark Wahlberg. In April, they began airing StockX TV, their 'Mad Money for sneakers' show. Then, in May, the once only-sneakers launched into watches and handbags.

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