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Juggalo Cuts Off His Nipples For $158!

The Insane Clown Posse's Insane Fans!

Every year Juggalo’s from around the world attend what is known as The Gathering, a five-day music festival hosted by the one and only Insane Clown Posse. Juggalo’s have been given the unofficial honor of being the worst (most unruly and obnoxious) fans in the world. It appears that each year someone does something so outlandish that they become an event celebrity for the weekend. Gawker reports that in past years, “…the Juggalette Who (Repeatedly) Ejaculated on Command. Or the Juggalo Who Took Ecstasy Up the Butt (Then Sucked Tequila from a Beer Bong and Vomited).”


Photo via Devin Doyle 

Well it appears this year’s recipient of the Official Unofficial Gathering celebrity goes to Adam Roberts who cut off his right nipple with a scalpel in front of a crowd for $100.00. Twenty-five-year old Roberts had intended one day to have his nipples professionally removed. He decided, “I’d rather get paid than pay,” and did it himself. Later that day his cousin sliced off the left one for him and raised another $58.


Photo via Gawker 

Gawker reported on a conversation they overheard when two young women approached Adam to inquire about his missing nipples.
“This girl I know once ate a pile of horse shit for $100,” one said.
The other girl squinted in disgust. "Eww." But then she reconsidered. “One hundred dollars is kind of a lot, if you think about it.”
Adam winced. "I don't know if I could eat a pile of shit for $100,” he said. “That’s gross.”