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Just Look At That Smile

Today's tattoo is this adorable portrait by Pony Lawson. Lawson is the owner of Mayday! Tattoo Co. in Chicago, IL and he is best known for his lifelike color work and portraiture. Though his color realism is seen most often, Lawson also dabbles in black and grey and a fun New School style from time to time.

Today's pick is a perfect example of the phenomenal portraiture Lawson is lauded for. The incredible attention to detail that went into rendering the likeness of this little girl is mind blowing. Everything from her blonde hair to her blue eyes to her instantly recognizable My Little Pony shirt look like they could just walk right off of the wearer's skin. And with that cute smile forever inked on their skin, we bet the wearer of this tattoo is one proud parent!

What really makes this piece stand out to us, though, is the great imitation of the child's skin tone contrasted to the brightness applied to her eyes. It instantly adds a bubbly expression to the piece and captures a bunch of the child's personality into one inked snapshot. Another great addition to this piece is the bright blue background. Adding this background not only picks up the blue in the child's eyes, but also in her shirt, thus balancing the entire piece out, color wise. It's coloring and contrast decisions like these that make Lawson such a great artist.

To see more of Lawson's amazing portfolio, check out his artist's page right here.

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