Justin Bieber Admits He Tried to Disguise Selena Gomez Wrist Tattoo

justin bieber angel tattoo3

We all recognized Selena Gomez’s face in the wrist tattoo Justin Bieber had inked back in April 2013, and now the “What Do You Mean” singer has revealed that he tried to cover up the tattoo that he admits was inked in honor of an “ex-girlfriend.” The tattoo in question is inked on the outside of his left wrist, and features an image of an angel, complete with wings, long brown hair, a sexy pout and…cleavage? Despite his attempts to pass the ink off as a generic angel tattoo, Bieber’s wrist tattoo was immediately compared to Gomez’s Elle cover shoot from July 2012, and found to be nearly identical.

At the time his wrist tattoo was inked, at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, during his Believe world tour, Bieber and Gomez had already broken up, but Justin was holding out hope that they would eventually reconcile, possibly with a little help from his flattering new tattoo. Unfortunately for him, and for most of the other people out there who have gotten tattoos in an attempt to win someone back, the gesture didn’t work, and both Justin and Selena have since moved on to different relationships.

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During a recent interview for his March 2016 GQ cover shoot, Bieber divulged the meaning behind many of his tattoos, including that mysterious image of an angel on his wrist that he never wanted to admit was inspired by Gomez. Referring to the wrist tattoo, Justin said, “This is my ex-girlfriend. So I kind of tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know [it ’s her].” Of course we still know it’s her! The unpredictable “Jelena” saga was one for the ages, and something we won’t soon forget. Plus, the ink looks exactly like her.

It’s no surprise that he would want to disguise a tattoo dedicated to his ex, but why not cover up the angel ink with an entirely new tattoo, rather than simply shading in the face to make it look less like Gomez? Is he still holding out hope that their on-again, off-again relationship will soon be on-again? Despite still hanging on to his tattoo, Justin seems happier than ever with rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, and we have a feeling his wrist tattoo may soon become something new, hopefully a tribute to his future, rather than the past.

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