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Justin Bieber (and his Ink) Star in Calvin Klein Campaign

When Calvin Klein unveiled their new ad campaign featuring Justin Bieber the internet blew up as people discussed the new face of the iconic brand. There are few more polarizing figures in pop culture than Bieber. Here at Inked we honestly didn’t care so much about the new face of the brand—it was the tattoos that caught our attention.

It’s impossible to even glance at the billboards without being drawn in by Bieber’s extensive ink. We know that there are plenty of Bieber haters out there but you have to tip your hat to the Canadian star for his taste in tattoos. Biebs has had work done by tattoo royalty such as Mister Cartoon,Romeo Lacoste and Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. It’s difficult to fixate on the product for sale when it’s so easy to admire the tattoo work on display. In fact, the tattoos are so prominently featured in the ad one must consider that Bieber’s ink may have played a large role in landing the gig for the 20-year-old heartthrob.

Calvin Klein’s advertising is legendary. Appearing in one of their campaigns can make the career of a previously unknown model or propel the career of a superstar even further into the stratosphere. The point is, once someone appears in a Calvin Klein ad campaign their image is ingrained in the heads of millions of people. And Bieber is the first that we can remember with so much ink.


We were hard-pressed to even recall one tattooed model appearing in one of the iconic ads, let alone someone with a full sleeve and more. Bieber’s appearance in these ads shot by Mert Alas and Marcos Piggott can be seen as another sign of tattoos and tattooed people being accepted within the mainstream of society. While it may be silly to focus so much on advertising designed to sell underwear, it still warms our hearts to see so many tattoos show up in one of the all time classic ad campaigns.