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Justin Bieber Sports A New Neck Tattoo

This just in!

Pop music's favorite bad boy went under the tattoo needle once again. While in Miami, Justin Bieber tattooed large angel wings on the back of his neck, adding to his ever growing tattoo collection. The 21-year-old musician already has tattoos covering both arms as well as on his chest and stomach.

Bieber elegantly displays this bold new tattoo in a tailored suit on his Instagram page, proving that tattooed people can be classy as hell. We're not sure if the tattoo ends where the white collar meets, but we look forward to seeing the full tattoo soon.

Bieber's new ink was done by Dan Price, a Miami-based artist, at The Villa Casa Casuarina before dawn on Thursday. TMZ reports that Bieber requested a house call from Price after a night of partying at the 23,000 square foot villa, formerly known as the Versace Mansion. Price took to Instagram to thank the Bieb's and his team, stating that he "appreciates the real estate."

Keep the ink coming, Bieber. We can't wait to see what's next.

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