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Justin Bieber is a Tattooed Target

It seems as if Justin Bieber is never out of the media spotlight. Whether he's starring in a new Calvin Klein Campaign or adding to his extensive collection of ink, Bieber is always the talk of the town. Recently he has been the subject of the latest trending SNL skit as the team behind Saturday Night Live put together a parody of Bieb's Calvin Klein commercials that nearly broke the internet. Tossing jokes towards the 20-year-old singer has seemingly taken off as Bieber has recently agreed to celebrate finally turning 21 with even more comedians cracking jokes at him. On March 30, Kevin Hart will be hosting a new Comedy Central roast all about Bieber. In the latest ad to air promoting the roast, viewers get a chance to see Bieber in an environment he is quite familiar with: a tattoo studio. This time, however, Bieber isn't actually getting inked by his go-to artist, Bang Bang, instead the ad depicts the "Boyfriend" singer getting the big ol' metaphorical target he's placing on his back for this roast etched into his skin. Check out the commercial right here to get a glimpse at what is to come for Bieber's big 21st birthday roast!