Justin Bieber's Artist Gives Advice to Tattoo Virgins (VIDEO)

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Tips and Tricks From Bieber's Personal Tattooer

When it comes to giving advice to first-time tattoo collectors, everyone and their brother has a thing or two to say. Yet where is a tattoo virgin to look when it comes to hearing legitimate and helpful advice? Well, we'd like to think that the best sources to turn to are the artists themselves because they are the professionals after all. One tattoo artist who has not only made a name for himself as a highly coveted celebrity tattooer but also as a social media sensation is Romeo Lacoste.

Lacoste first gained attention when he competed on Best Ink, however, his career really took off once he became the personal tattoo artist for mega-star Justin Bieber. Lacoste uses his platform as an inkfluencer to give advice to tattoo collectors and recently, he released a video guide illustrating the do's and don't for tattoo first timers. Take a look at what Lacoste recommends for tattoo virgins and let us know if his advice measures up to your own experiences.

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Take a look at what this celebrity tattoo artist has to say to tattoo virgins and let us know about your first time getting inked.