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Justin Bieber's Tattoos

Updated February 15, 2016. 

Justin Bieber explains his tattoo collection in a video for GQ, detailing his favorite tattoo, those that are in honor of his mother, and the ink of his famous ex he often tries to cover up. He also shares his thoughts of lower back tattoos on both men and women and throws playful shade at David Beckham. Check him out in the video below.

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This story was originally posted on August 27, 2015. 

Justin Bieber is releasing his first single in over a year on August 28, 2015–just in time for the MTV Video Music Awards (Sunday, August 30). Over two dozen A-list celebrities have taken part in promoting his soon-to-be hit "What Do You Mean?" The 30-day social media countdown included posts from stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Ryan Sheckler, and Ruby Rose.

The pop singer you love to hate and hate to love shared his inspiration for the single in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, "Well, girls are often just flip-floppy. They say something then they mean something else. It's like what do you mean?" Can't argue there, we females are hard to read.

The toned and tattooed 21-year-old is scheduled to perform "What Do You Mean" for the first time on Sunday night, and a new album is expected to drop this fall just before Christmas.

Check out Bieber's sleeves, chest tattoos, shoulder tattoos and more (plus the meanings behind them), all complete by artists including Mister Cartoon, Romeo Lacoste, and Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy.

P.S. Ladies, belieber or not, some photos of the Biebz will light your heart on fire.