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Kacelia's Cooking Up Something Good

More often than not when we think about chefs we imagine them looking a bit like this guy; certainly not like the smoking hot Kacelia Goff. Today's Inked Girl of the Day doesn't need to even turn on the oven to heat up the kitchen and, frankly, we aren't sure if we can take the heat. But we're willing to try. Kacelia has a myriad of amazing tattoos on her body but there is one that stands out above all others—the geisha on her thigh that took over 20 hours to create.

"The artist is Michael Blackstone and he free-handed the whole piece," Kacelia says. "I couldn't tell what it was when he was done drawing on me, then he just started painting with his tattoo gun. I never seen anything done so eloquently. He treated it as if it were a painting and not a tattoo.

"Four sessions later I had this beautifully done piece that was completely his style," Kacelia continues. "It looks like a watercolor painting, and years later its vibrant as ever."

In addition to the geisha Kacelia has a peacock tattoo filled with brilliant colors that runs down most of her side to her thigh, a snow owl carrying a dream catcher on her arm and an hourglass that serves as an important life reminder.

You can see more than ten steaming photos of the sultry Kacelia at her Inked Girl profile. If you think that you have what it takes to be the next Inked Girl of the Day you can submit your portfolio here.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Unisex "Who's Your Paddy?" Tee by Dpcted Apparel