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Kylie Jenner Hints at a New Booty Tattoo on Snapchat

Kylie Jenner is showing off her assets once again. Her famous booty just got a whole lot more coverage, both in the terms of press and ink, as the 18 year-old reality star appears to have gotten a second tattoo below the belt line.

She showed off to fans on her Snapchat storyline as she was getting the new addition to her derriere but we aren’t allowed to see the final results just yet. All we've been able to see is the video of the tattoo artist, Rafael Valdez, hard at work (see below). Fans are speculating that it may be a tribute to current beau, and hip hop artist, Tyga, as he has already gotten her name tattooed on his left arm. Perhaps it’s just another ploy to get more media coverage... nevertheless it is pretty intriguing!

Jenner already has five small tattoos in her collection. Interestingly, they are all red, all tiny. Her grandmother's name, a mini heart, and three other mysterious finger tattoos. She bared her bottom in an Instagram post in an outfit, that revealed the other, very sexy and feminine butt tattoo. She got it back in November of last year at Bang Bang tattoos, when she was visiting New York for Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance at the ESPYS.

The red text tattoo is the phonetic spelling of “sanity.” Which is not surprising, as she most likely tries to cling to that concept as the Kardashian clan grows exponentially. With the craziness of becoming a new aunt for the 5th time, as well as a makeup line that she can barely keep in stock, it seems necessary to find a way to stay grounded. We can't wait to get a glimpse of her new ink, as well as any future pieces to come.

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