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Kat Von D - A Dirty Dozen Facts on The Queen of Ink!

She is Tattoo Royalty!

Whether you're covered from head to toe in ink or just know someone who has a tattoo, odds are you have heard of the undeniable Queen of Ink, Kat Von D. Although a great deal of Kat's life has been documented via her wildly successful reality show LA Ink, in countless print and TV interviews, reports on her burgeoning line of make-up and beauty products or her thankfully briefs moments in the tabloids, there is still a lot you may not know about this super-talented, multi-faceted and complicated woman.
Get ready to learn the facts on Tattoo Royalty.

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Photo via Instagram

A Classically Trained Pianist

Photo via Instagram

Kat may not look the part of a classical musician, but she has been playing classic piano since the age of six.
Her parents did not allow their children to watch TV, so Kat and her siblings practiced music daily as a form of recreation.
Kat still plays today and says she is partial to the works of Ludwig von Beethoven.