Kat Von D Celebrates 10 Years of Makeup with Her Beautiful Muses


Meet the Beauties Who Continue to Inspire the Makeup Legend

For the past 10 years, tattoo artist and makeup entrepreneur Kat Von D has revolutionized societies' perception of beauty. No other brand has embraced diversity, whether it be of ethnicity, self-expression, or gender, quite like Von D and she's inspired millions to dare to be unapologetically unique. In honor of her makeup brand celebrating their 10th anniversary, Von D decided to pay homage to the women who inspired her to create her collection and serve as motivation to continue to create cutting edge beauty products. Take a look at Von D's 10 muses and learn why they inspire her work in the video gallery below. Then, stay tuned to see Von D's anniversary exclusives at the end of the slideshow.

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Her first muse, Malice McMunn, is an exotic dancer and personal friend of Kat herself. She's heavily tattooed and 100% unapologetic about flaunting her sex appeal.

"I chose her to be one of the 10 muses because her ability to empower women, her heart of gold, and her openness when it comes to her journey through sobriety. If we can do it, SO CAN YOU!"


Von D met Egypt on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her poetry.

"Egypt's Instagram had photos of hair, fruits that resembled vaginas, and breathtaking selfies. But what inspired me to make her one of my 10 muses, was 3 little videos she had filmed on her cell phone of her reading a poem. I cried. Watched them again. And cried again."


Lala is a self-described alien who finds beauty being unique.

"There is something hero-like in that quality. In the ability to freely be yourself. And that is why I chose her to be one of the 10 muses."


Inspired by clowns, Alexandra is a style chameleon and professional ruler breaker.

"Alexandra!! Every single person on Instagram needs to follow this ray of sunshine! She is completely fearless, self-created, smart as hell, and so hilarious!! Her creativity is infectious and she inspires me every single day!"

Gina Harrison

Gina Harrison is a professional weirdo, model, and actress who advocates for mental health.

"When I first met Gina, her beauty was the kind that makes your heart skip a beat for a sec. And then she quickly disarms you with her warmth, and down-to-earth sensibility.

Yeah, she’s known for her modeling and photography, but her mental health advocacy is what really made me connect deeply with her. "


Adele is the definition of Jane of all trades and she never fails to master them all.

"But outside of her amazing hats, I feel in love with Adele's ability to balance the many different outlets she’s mastered with her Mom-life and then running her millinery business, Hood London. She’s a force to be reckoned with and I just love when people don’t ever settle for being a one trick pony!"


Melanie is an alternative model who has taken the fashion world by storm.

"After being such a fan of Melanie’s work for so long, I still can’t believe I got to work with her on this campaign! Probably one of the most inspiring people I know."

Leafar Seyer

PRAYERS is a musician and as Kat Von D's husband, he holds a special place in this art collective.

"Believe it or not, I had asked Rafael to be a part of this campaign long before we started dating! And now that he’s my husband, it's funny to think how much more of a muse he has become to me. I feel so lucky in so many ways, to be in the same sentence with this him, let alone get the chance to share his brilliance with you all!"


Ashley was the creator of Kat Von D's first fan club and represents all the support Von D has received from her fans over the years.

"Ashley was the founder of my first ever fanclub on Instagram: @katvondunlimited. Over the years we became friends, and she would send me photos of these intricately painted native art pieces she had created. I was so taken aback by Ashley’s talent, and connection to her heritage and this planet.

After all the years of love, support, and true inspiration, there was no way I couldn’t feature Ashley in this campaign."


Last, but certainly not least, a list of Von D's inspirations wouldn't be complete without her mother.

"There are way too many obvious reasons as to why I should feature my Mother in this campaign, as I'm sure you will gather on your own from watching this video. Muchisimas gracias, Mami, por todo!"