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Kat Von D Stars in New Music Video. PRAYERS: “Black Leather”

It’s a Kat Attack!

Whenever there’s a Kat Von D sighting we are all over it. And this the wonderful and talented AND beautiful Miss Von D makes co-stars in the latest video from the San Diego Cholo-Goth band PRAYERS. The press info on PRAYERS describes them as a band that “…create a modern dystopian landscape based in both brutal reality and transcendental occultism. Featuring Leafar Seyer on vocals and synth and Dave Parley on beats and synth, PRAYERS straddle interlocking worlds: both members were born in Mexico—Seyer in Cotija, Michochan and Parley in Tijuana—and both grew up watching MTV and listening to punk and goth. Their creativity draws on the conflict of embracing of alternative, underground styles rather than traditional Chicancismo, the dissonance of their existence as indigenous people treated as immigrants on their ancestral land, and their status as Mexicans playing in what has long been viewed as a white genre.”
We’re not sure what that all means, but it is definitely interesting…and Kat is in the video!

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.23.10 PM

Photo via youtube 

VIDEO! PRAYERS: “Black Leather”