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Kat Von D's Pointillism is Mesmerizing

Tattoo beauty queen Kat Von D knows how to adorn a body. The LA Ink starlet has one of the most successful beauty brands in the world and is as handy with a Q-tip as she is a tattoo machine. Below is her tutorial on pointillism makeup where she is also the canvas. Look at my byline "Robert McCormick," I'm a dude and I don't wear makeup, but I was absolutely transfixed by the below video. "I had so much fun filming this video for you guys, and hope you enjoy it!" Kat wrote. And you might want to have the volume up for this one, she continued: "The music for all of my new videos was composed for each video by my favorite modern-day composer, Ali Helnwein. To me, his music sounds like if Bach had a baby with Tom Waits! So do yourself a favor and check his music out!"

If you are unfamiliar with Pointillism, it is defined by, "is a technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colors, which become blended in the viewer's eye. It was developed by Georges Seurat with the aim of producing a greater degree of luminosity and brilliance of color."

Kat says, "I wanted to apply this style to my makeup, using over eight shades of Lock-It Foundation, Tattoo Liner and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick."

Please do enjoy this stunning transformation from start to finish.

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