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Kate Moss's Sister Got An Underboob Tattoo

Charlotte Moss, better known by her nickname, Lottie, is every bit as rebellious as her supermodel sister, Kate, and the 18-year-old proved it last week by showing off a sexy new tattoo inked below her breast. Similar to Miley Cyrus’ “just breathe” under-boob tattoo, and Cara Delevingne’s “don’t worry, be happy” chest ink, Lottie Moss’ new tattoo is one she’ll be able to show off every time she sports a skimpy bikini or sexy lingerie for a photo shoot…unless it gets airbrushed out, of course.

Lottie Moss debuted her new tattoo in a series of Snapchat photos posted last week, in one posing topless in an open robe with one hand covering her breast, under which you can see a trio of three birds. The birds in Moss’ tattoo are all inked in black, and they get larger as they near the center of her chest, to mimic flight. In another photo posted several hours earlier, the model is also topless, and appears to have just completed the tattoo session, as the birds in her chest tattoo are red and slightly irritated. In the earlier Snapchat photo, Lottie Moss used the “Soho” Geofilter feature, conveniently pinpointing where she had the birds tattoo done, in an area of the City of Westminster that is part of the West End of London, England.

Since Lottie Moss, like her sister, is a model, she will likely have to cover up her new trio of birds tattoo for photo shoots, but that tiny inconvenience hasn’t stopped other models from getting inked. Just look at Cara Delevingne. In early 2013, the British model had zero tattoos, and now she has at least 25 pieces. And while her modeling agency bosses have expressed concerns about the effect Delevingne’s growing collection of ink might have on her career, she continues to go under the needle for cheeky, highly visible designs, like her new elephant sketch arm tat and her “don’t worry, be happy” under-boob ink.

“[Tattoos are] not ideal for catwalk shows,” Delevingne’s modeling agency bosses reportedly said about her ink early on, “especially when she’s modeling delicate summerwear, and particularly feminine collections.” This apparently doesn’t bother Lottie Moss though, nor does it bother her supermodel older sister, who has a few tattoos of her own, including an anchor on her wrist, a tiny heart on her hand, and two birds on her lower back, done by legendary British painter Lucian Freud. Tattoos are definitely becoming more acceptable for models, and judging by Delevingne’s growing obsession with ink, we’re betting on another new Lottie Moss tattoo in the near future.