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Kendall Jenner Designs a Tattoo for Her BFF Hailey Baldwin

Models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have gotten inked together on more than one occasion, but their most recent trip to the tattoo shop was more special than ever, because Kendall actually designed Hailey’s latest ink—the word “PRAY” tattooed on her fingers. When dreaming up the look of Hailey Baldwin’s tattoo, Kendall didn’t just opt for a boring old tattoo of the word “pray,” she actually designed it with the letters “P” and “R” inked on the index finger of Hailey’s left hand, and the letters “A” and “Y” on the index finger of her right hand. This way, when Hailey brings her hands together in the universal sign of prayer, the tattoo reads “PRAY” across her fingers.

hailey baldwin tattoo1

New York City-based tattooist JonBoy, the king of tiny, delicate tattos, is the artist behind Hailey Baldwin’s “PRAY” tattoo, and he’s the one who shared an Instagram photo of the model’s fresh ink on June 21, captioning the snap: “P R A Y on @haileybaldwin created by @kendalljenner tattooed by #jonboytattoo #hillsongnyc #11.” Hillsong is the megachurch Hailey Baldwin belongs to with some of her famous friends, namely Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, and may have been the inspiration behind Hailey’s “PRAY” hand tattoo. She obviously has strong religious beliefs, and just last week she posted this message on Instagram: “Don’t let the past dictate who God wants you to be today and who you are called to be in the future.”

hailey and kendall

This new “PRAY” hand ink isn’t the first tiny tattoo Hailey has gotten, and it probably won’t be the last. Mini ink is kind of her thing, and, in addition to her new “PRAY” tattoo, the 19-year-old has at least seven other miniature pieces inked in various spots on her body, including a “gente” tattoo on her left hip, the letter “g” behind her ear, “baldwin” inked on her finger, a small gun on her finger, a heart outline on her ankle, the Roman numerals “VI.X.XC” on her wrist, and a red broken heart on her finger that is a matching tattoo with Kendall Jenner.

Kendall herself is also a big fan of miniature tattoos, and the 20-year-old already has two tiny pieces (and counting), a nearly invisible white dot inked on her middle finger, and the matching broken heart tattoo she has with Hailey Baldwin, also done in white ink. We can almost guarantee that Hailey and Kendall will find themselves back in a tattoo shop together at some point soon, and if they do, we’re sure their new ink will be 1. tiny, and 2. adorable.

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