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Kentucky Fan's Tattoo Earns Him Free Tickets

It appears as if tattoos are becoming the new vision boards for sports fans across the country. A couple of months back we covered a Seattle Seahawks fan that willed his team to a Super Bowl Championship by inking himself before the season starts. Now we have learned about a University of Kentucky basketball fan who made the bold move and tattooed “2014 National Champions” prior to the start of the SEC Conference Tournament.

While Tyler Austin Black’s tattoo may not end up being prophetic—the championship game will be played on Monday—it did earn him free tickets to the game. Once his beloved Wildcats defeated the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday night CBS contacted Black to let him know that they were giving him free tickets to Monday’s game, according to USA Today.

If the Wildcats defeat the University of Connecticut Huskies they will win their ninth National Championship, a feat that is referenced in the tattoo by using a number 9 for the “o” in “national.” Going into the tournament the Wildcats weren’t ranked and despite preseason expectations few expected them to even make it to the second weekend let alone the championship game. Despite the long odds Black was confident he wouldn’t regret his tattoo.

“I’ve always had confidence in them, but I ain’t gonna lie, they’ve had me worried here lately,” Black told USA Today. “It’s very surreal. It’s wild. It almost feels like it’s destiny for us to win a championship.”

Even if his team ends up losing on Monday night we’re guessing that Black won’t regret the tattoo since it earned him a trip to see the big game in person. On the other hand, if Kentucky wins, we’re curious to see if he gets a similar tattoo every year with the hopes that he is the team’s lucky charm.