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Kesha Scrambles for Media Attention with Two New Tattoos


A fresh-faced Kesha took to Instagram this week to show off two new tattoos, and we can’t help but wonder if the 28-year-old singer-songwriter, formerly known as Ke$ha, is struggling for real with her fading music career and is simply trying to remind everyone of her existence by putting her new tattoos on public display. Kesha’s two new tattoos include an alien spaceship inked on the outside of her left wrist, complete with a tractor beam, and a simple palm tree tattoo with the word “CHILL” below it.

Kesha's new tattoos were inked by Sean From Texas at the Tattoo Mania tattoo shop in Hollywood, California. The singer debuted the new ink via Instagram on February 8, along with the caption “@seanfromtexas thank u thank u thank u u the best in the west.” Kesha’s UFO and palm tree tattoos come just a few weeks after the singer revealed a new tattoo of a whale on the inside of her left forearm, done by tattoo artist Mr. Ahn of the Invisible NYC tattoo shop in New York City. Sharing these tattoos on her Instagram are pretty much the only way Kesha has attempted to grab media attention lately.


Kesha, who hasn’t released a new album since Warrior in 2012, has been almost completely out of the spotlight during the past several years, but after a stint in rehab in early 2014, the 28-year-old announced her return to Twitter under the new handle @KeshaRose—a nod to her new life, sans dollar sign. Still, it’s been nearly two years since Kesha seemingly got a grip on her life and all we’ve seen from her is a couple of new tattoos.

Kesha did announce a new five-piece band called Yeast Infection back in December, and also hinted at an upcoming debut studio album, which would be the singer’s first release since breaking her contract with the record label Kemosabe and producer Dr. Luke, who was responsible for most of Ke$ha’s hits. A few months prior to her Yeast Infection announcement, Kesha said that she was “dying, literally” to put out new music, but was still embroiled in a legal battle with her former producer.


There’s no doubt that Kesha considers herself a bit of a tattoo connoisseur, with more than a dozen tattoos to her name (many of which were done by her friends), including a smiley face tattoo on her foot, a “C” foot tat for Conan O’Brien, and an eye tattoo inked on the palm of her right hand – a placement inspired by Middle Eastern hamsa amulets, which are believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Perhaps the most famous Kesha tattoo to date though, is the “SUCK IT!” tattoo she had on the inside of her lower lip in June 2012, as a backwards tribute to her online haters. And while that lip tattoo was far more interesting than her newer pieces, if not downright offensive, we are glad to see that Kesha is at least putting the design of her latest tattoos in the hands of a professional!

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