Kim Banned from Brazil’s Bum-Bum Best Butt Competition!


Time to kiss some butt!

It’s not too often that Kim Kardashian is kept out of something that involves a big, sexy butt. Well, that’s not the case here with this year’s Miss BumBum competition down in Brazil. The organizer of the event has decided to enforce a “no bigger than 43-inch butt” allowed to enter rule. This has forced Kardashian out of eligibility and has prompted other would-be contestants to remove their silicone implants.

Believe it or not, Kim probably would not have even come close to winning the event. Brazil has some of the most beautiful women in the world and some of the most “delicious big butts” ever served up on the female form. So don’t sweat it people, hit “Start Slide Show” and enjoy!


Photo via missbumbum

The Butt Video!