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#KissAGingerDay: Tattooed Redheads We Would Love to Smooch

January 12th was the 7th annual #KissAGinger day all over social media. The faux-holiday was created seven years ago by Derek Forgie as a way to direct some positive attention toward the red haired and freckled members of society instead of the all-too-common bullying that happens on schoolyards. All day long people showed their love for redheads by tweeting out their affection and posting pictures of the most kissable gingers around. The simple hashtag was even able to bring together a couple of fast good titans who are normally fierce competitors.

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Here at Inked we have always been big fans of redheads with tattoos—all day, every day. Our ample affection for redheads can't be contained by one day on the calendar. While light skin might not be great for going to the beach it is excellent for displaying colorful tattoos. It takes a true monster to not consider red hair, light skin, tattoos, and freckles across the nose to be an incredibly sexy combination.


While we are not always 100% sure the hair is natural on these gorgeous models we couldn't care less. We created this list of our absolute favorite tattooed redheads but be careful, it's a lot to take in at once. You can also check out some more of our favorite redheaded InkedGirls at the following links: Lass, Hattie Watson, Mary-Leigh and Cherry. So while we think #KissAGingerDay is a wonderful holiday don't forget, gingers could use a little love every day of the year.

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