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Lady Gaga's New Ink

Lady Gaga has been celebrating her Little Monsters, a.k.a fans, in major ways lately. As the artist faces the end of her world tour, artRAVE: The Artpop Ball, she honors her hit album The Fame Monster with some new ink. On November 18, Gaga posted a video to Instagram of Eric Gonzalez tattooing “Mother Monster” onto the side of her ribs with the caption, “Happy Birthday The Fame Monster.”


The Deers Eye Studio artist also met with Gaga in early October, tattooing the famous “Monster Paw” to the left of her back while in Hamburg, Germany. The popstar instagrammed her new ink with the caption, “#Monster4Life.” In a recent interview with Reddit, the Born This Way singer told fans that she wanted her paw “engraved forever” because it is “the symbol of my fans as they have held their paws high in the crowd every night.”


Back in June, Lady Gaga also honored her recent jazz partner and legend Tony Bennett with a trumpet tattoo. Becca Roach tattooed Bennett’s sketch onto Gaga’s arm in NYC, signed with ‘Bennedetto,’ Mr. Bennetts signature. Lady Gaga, 28, and Tony Bennett, 88, released their jazz album Cheek to Cheek in September and will begin touring in 2015.


Gaga has been recognized for her notable tattoos since the start of her career in 2008 and has proven to get inked in studios around the world. With over 15 tattoos, the tattoo machine is no stranger to the popstar and we’re sure she’s far from finished adding art to her body.