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Late Ink Master Star Honored in Colorectal Cancer Campaign

The Friends and Family of Clint Cummings Joined Together with Fight Colorectal Cancer to Encourage Others to Get Tested

Six months ago, Clint Cummings, a Texas tattooer, and contestant on the Spike reality competition Ink Master passed away from colorectal cancer. In early 2016, Cummings announced to his fans over social media that he'd been diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer and he soon joined forces with Fight CRC to raise awareness and pay for his treatments. Fight CRC is an advocacy organization fighting for a cure for colorectal cancer and it focuses on educating the public about the public about this preventable disease. After Cummings' passing in 2016, his family and friends continued to spread advocacy for the cause and recently lent their support, as well as Cummings' shop to Fight CRC's latest campaign.

Photo via Instagram