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Learn An Easy Way to Conceal Your Tattoos

It goes without saying that tattooed people are very proud of their ink, as well they should be. But every once in a while you may want to conceal those tattoos. Perhaps it's for a job interview, maybe you're in a conservative friend's wedding or it could be that you just don't want to get in the same argument with your grandmother that happens every Thanksgiving—it can be nice to know how to hide that ink without wearing a jumpsuit covering all of your skin. This video shows a very simple way to cover up your tattoo using only household makeup.

The video was created by an Australian woman who goes by the name of Nibbles. The self-described professional YouTuber and snake mum gives a tutorial about how to conceal your ink using foundation, mascara, a little bit of hair spray and, well, concealer. Duh.

While the process looks like it would be annoying to do on an every day basis it looks more than simple enough to pull off for a special occasion. It's pretty impressive how well Nibbles is able to cover the mandala on her foot, unless a person were to spend a significant amount of time staring at the ink there is no way they could tell that a tattoo was hidden underneath. Check out the video below.

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