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LeBron James Awed By Fan's Tattoo

A man who has laid his claim to the title of King of the LeBron James Fan Club by getting an enormous James themed back piece was able to share his tribute with the Miami Heat star.

After encountering James at The Juice Spot, an organic juice bar run by James’ wife Savannah, the fan whipped out his back tattoo and the heavily tattooed James was so impressed he had to take a picture of it. The photo of the two was posted on to James’ Instagram.

Thanks to free agency players don’t often stay with one team for very long—a truth well known by Cleveland Cavaliers fans—so getting such an extensive tattoo tribute to a player while he is still active could lead to heartbreak and regret down the road. So while we would advise people to be cautious about following in this fan’s footsteps we do have to say that the tattoo is pretty impressive; the word “witness” appearing in the cloud of baby powder that is part of James’ pregame ritual is a nice touch.

It must have made that fan’s day when he saw that James shared the picture of them together with the whole world. Now that this has been established as a cool thing to do who can get us a picture of Tim Tebow and the man who got this atrocious tattoo?