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Lensman Senén Llanos Exhibits Work at Juan Salgado's Color Conspiracy

Getting together a bunch of hot tattooed models, splashing them with paint and photographing them sounds like a helluva good time! It can also yield some amazing photos.

Fifteen-year photography vet, Senén Llanos, is known for adding paint to his photography projects, splashing his nude models with a medley of colors and photographing them as the paint drips and bounces off their skin. One of those subjects happened to be famed tattoo artist, Juan Salgado, of Color Conspiracy Tattoo Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, who Llanos shot for a photo project a few years ago.

Recently, Salgado was looking to revamp the Color Conspiracy’s storefront gallery space, and so he linked up with Llanos once more to create a photo exhibit for the space. But, the catch was that the photographer had to make something happen in only 10 days!

Flip through the slideshow below to check out photos from the Color Conspiracy exhibit created by Llanos, as well as our exclusive interview with the skilled photographer as he tells us about his photography career, his inspiration, and just how he was able to tackle this challenge put forth by Salgado.