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Let Your Kid's Inner Monster Out to Play - Macabre Photography by Locked Illusions

While some parents claim that their children are perfect angels, it is fair to admit that even the most polite kids can be a little bit devilish at times. Brit Bentine of Locked Illusions Photography in Houston, Texas, recognizes that even the best little girls and boys need to be bad every once in a while, which is why she specializes in turning mommy's little cherub into something out of a horror movie. Movies and television have been capitalizing on the creepy factor of possessed children, from The Ring to The Grudge, and Locked Illusions allows clients to turn their pride and joy into customized works of art. Not to mention, the best part about working with Locked Illusions is that your photos will be 100% one of a kind, just like the little demon in your life.