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Like Father, Like Son: Daniel and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

Tattoos may not be genetic, but Daniel Day-Lewis and his son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis prove that they can run in the family. The three-time Best Actor winner has been a Hollywood heavyweight for years and has proved immensely versatile with his choice of characters, portraying struggling artist Christy Brown in My Left Foot and captivating audiences as Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln. But perhaps his greatest acting feat was hiding his collection of tattoos for all these years! Day-Lewis bears several tribal arm bands, two hand prints, a mermaid, and a compass rose; it's plain to see that this classic actor has a thing for classic tattoos.

His son, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, a former Chanel model and aspiring musician, seems to have already out inked his father at the age of 20, with a full sleeve on his left arm and smaller pieces scattered on his chest, ribs, and neck. The younger Day-Lewis is a fan of American Traditional and Japanese style tattoos, collecting pieces of a clipper ship and koi fish in their respective styles. The 20-year-old recently released a single called "Ink In My Veins," which is about his experiences as a song writer and gives subtle nods to his love for tattoos. The song will be a part of Day-Lewis's upcoming EP, Every Scar is Healing Piece, the eternity of which will be released later this year. Stay tuned in to hear more from music's next tattooed sensation.

Get a look at the tattoo collections of the pair in the gallery below.