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Lil Wayne Cameos in Video for Fred Water

Traveling with a bottle of water should be an incredibly simple thing but anyone who has done it knows differently. The majority of water bottles won’t fit in your pocket no matter what kind of pants you are wearing and if they do fit they will likely end up leaking all over the place. The people at Fred Water know this frustration all too well and have created a solution—the Fred Water Flask.

Since its inception Fred Water has been intent on encouraging people not just to drink more water but also to do so in an eco-friendly manner. By creating a reusable flask out of lightweight stainless steel there is no reason a person shouldn’t be carrying water around with them at all times.


To launch the flask Fred Water has built a Kickstarter project complete with a hilarious video featuring Lil Wayne sipping from the flask as he works in the studio. We all know that Weezy is a huge fan of skateboarding and he is joined by a bunch of action sports stars, including the legendary Tony Hawk, in the video.

The Kickstarter has already hit its goal with most of the month of December left to raise more. Check out the video and the project at the following link.