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Lil Wayne Gets Two New Face Tattoos

Let’s hope no one ever drops the world on Lil Wayne’s head, if so, they may mess up his latest ink. Weezy is a pretty recognizable guy, already having most of his body tattooed, including several on his face, adding two more seemed like the next logical step. Though the rapper has yet to make the ink announcement himself, the internet has already been hit with several photos of his new countenance. According to LilWayneHQ, the artist behind the ink is simply known as “Spider” and added an eye thought to be the Eye of Providence to Lil Wayne’s chin and an Arabic phrase above his left eyebrow. It has yet to be confirmed what the phrase says, though it is believed to say “Mumma’s Boy” according to the folks over at LilWayneHQ. As far as face tattoos go, we are pretty damn impressed with the line work and shading that went into these two pieces and look forward to what work Spider might be able to do for Weezy in the future.