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Literary Ink: The Tattoo Convention Exclusively for Harry Potter Fans

Hogwarts Hit Up Tennessee This Weekend

This weekend, Potterheads flocked to Chattanooga, Tennessee to attend the first annual Literary Ink convention. The very first tattoo convention exclusively for Harry Potter fans, the event gathered dozens of artists, a.k.a tattoo wizards, nerdtastic vendors, and of course, Harry Potter loving ink collectors. Several Ink Master alumni attended and worked the event, including April Nicole and Ryan Murray. And although this was this first year trying out the convention, based on the epic ink that came out of this weekend, we don't need a time turner to predict that the tradition will continue. Whether you identify as a gryffindor, a slytherin, a hufflepuff, or a ravenclaw—you need to check out some of the incredible and magical ink found in the gallery below. And as always, let us know your thoughts on the convention in the comments section on Facebook. Accio Ink!

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