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'Little People, Big World Star', Amy Roloff, Gets Colorful Post-Divorce Tattoo

After her divorce from her husband of 27 years was finalized in May, 51-year-old Little People, Big World star, Amy Roloff, decided she was going to get inked. “You know, when I was 50, I always thought about doing this,” Amy tells her son, Zach, in a preview clip for the TLC series posted online by US Weekly. “I’m thinking about getting a tattoo.” The mother of four chose Zach as the first family member to break the tattoo news to because, as she says, “Zach is very vocal, very verbal. And I knew that he would give me his immediate reaction. I just wanted to get that thermometer reading as to, ‘are these kids really going to think their mom has gone crazy?’”

Zach’s immediate reaction was less than enthusiastic, but he eventually gave his approval for Amy to get inked, saying, “Do what you got to do, Mom. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.” And so she did. Amy revealed her first-ever tattoo on Instagram last week, a fairly large and colorful piece inked on her shoulder that includes the phrase “Four + More” in a simple, script font, surrounded by yellow daisies, red roses, a tiny black cross and a tiny red heart. It was her family’s reaction to the fresh ink though, that really had Little People, Big World fans cracking up. Amy chose to leave her son Jeremy in the dark about her decision to get the tattoo, and when he walked into the house and saw the ink, he was nothing short of stunned.

Whether or not her family actually approves of her rebellious move, Amy is delighted to have finally gotten the tattoo she wanted, a tribute to her family, love and faith, which she says comes at the perfect time, now that she is “an empty-nester and divorced.” As for the meaning behind the shoulder tattoo, Amy told People magazine last week, “The heart is for love—no matter what happens, always love and [it] reminds me that Jesus loves me as well. The simple little cross reminds me of my faith. Faith in Christ and his word the Bible. That is what sustains me.”

Getting a tattoo was a big decision for Amy, and she certainly didn’t get inked on a whim. “I didn’t take the idea lightly,” she told People magazine. “It took me three years to decide [if this was] really what I wanted to do.” She also explained why she chose that design in particular, saying, “I was thinking of something simple and of course had some real meaning to me. Daisies are my favorite flower and of course a rose or roses. Being a mom to four kids is the most significant event and gifts of my life. Where I was and am in my life right now, there is more to Amy and life. More life to live, experience, to give, to do and love.”

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