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London Reese Launches Backstage Ink

All March long illustrative and color portraiture tattoo artist London Reese has been teasing his latest project, Backstage Ink, through his Instagram account. Backstage Ink is a new video web series Reese has in the making that will give viewers at home a chance to see Reese at work inking some of his big name clientele, such as various musicians, athletes, and other celebrities in the industry. The Instagram page @backstageink is currently teasing upcoming footage from tattoo sessions with Gabe Barham of the band Sleeping With Sirens and Nick Petricca of the band Walk The Moon.

Reese became a huge name in the tattoo scene after his victory on the first season of Best Ink and since he has gained a tremendous amount of celebrity clientele, many being stars of the alternative rock scene. Reese is currently located at Vatican Studios, a landmark tattoo studio filled with artists also known for tattooing some of the bigger names in pop culture. Since Reese is no stranger to cameras eyeing him as he inks away, this upcoming series directly connected to Reese's YouTube channel should be an art adventure in the making. Who doesn't want to see their favorite musicians get some ink added to their canvases?

If you haven't heard of Reese before, or would like to see some of his coolest pieces, check out some of our favorite tattoos from London Reese right here and make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming first episode of Backstage Ink!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear