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Looking Back on the Lucky Tattoo Party

Friday the 13th is the king of all Fridays, and here at Inked we know we can find awesome tattoo events all over the nation on these days. This year, one of our favorites was Friday the 13th at Rivington Tattoo. Clients were able to get a variety of “lucky” 13 tattoos for $13 at the Lucky Tattoo Party while rocking out to some killer music. And don’t worry, the Rivington artists didn’t just put a permanent number 13 on you; they got creative. 13s could be found in skeletal hands, bike helmets, brass knuckles, grim reapers, and more. The event was sponsored by NYC Harley Davidson, so when punk band Camaro Suicide came out to play a set, which included their song “Loaded Gun,” they performed with several rows of Harley Davidson motorcycles lined-up in the ultimate rocker fashion. This was not an event to miss, but in case you did, there is always next year!