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Love Lock: Cycle of Violence

One of the goals of art is to leave the observer with an impression that stays with them long after viewing the piece. The best pieces of art leave a similar impression on the artist and will often change them forever; the creation of his new exhibit Love Lock: Cycle of Violence will certainly change artist Jesse Hazelip long after it has closed since part of the exhibit involved Hazelip getting three new tattoos.


The exhibit takes its name from a prison in Nevada and focuses on many elements related to incarceration in America. For the opening reception Hazelip will be confined in a plexiglass replication of a prison cell alongside musician Bianca Casady. To prepare for the performance portion of the exhibit Hazelip shaved his head and was tattooed by artist Matthew Monteleon.

”On the back of his head is a symbolic Ouroboros (snake eating its own tail), the subject of one of his drawings, referring to the cycle of violence within the Prison industrial complex,” according to the gallery. “Across his eyebrows is the show title, Love Lock, which was inspired by the name of a prison in Nevada. Finally, on the backs of his forearms, stylized text reads “Nique la police” (fuck the police in French), readable when assuming the handcuff position (with arms behind the back).”


In addition to the prison cell the exhibit features animal bones that Hazelip has carved into, drawings and mixed media pieces on wood salvaged from an abandoned prison.

The exhibit opens at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery with a reception on Saturday, Jan. 11 from 7-9p.m, Love Lock: Cycle of Violence will run from Jan. 11 – Feb. 8.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

529 W. 20th Street, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10011