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Mama's Boy Busted With Girlfriend's Severed Head in a Suitcase


You Won't Believe How He Got Caught

We've covered plenty of wild crime stories in the past, however, what you're about to read is by far one of the most disturbing and tragic. It's basically every Tinder users worst nightmare—where a bad date truly takes a turn for the worst. When 27-year-old Osaka resident Saki Kondo met 26-year-old New York tourist Yevgenity Vasilievich Bayraktar on an online dating site, she would have never imagined it would lead to her untimely death. On the outside, the Long Island man appeared totally harmless, even being dubbed a 'Mama's boy' by his step-father in an interview with the New York Post. However, the former Air Force member had a cynical side and horrifically dismembered his date earlier last month. Take a look at the video in the gallery below to learn more about his story and the crime he committed. Then, share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on this case in the comments section on Facebook.

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