Man Dumps World's Sexiest Weather Girl to Play Video Games


Can You Believe This?!

According to Psychology Today, the 10 most common reasons that couples break up are as follows: 1. Trust Issues, 2. Different Expectations, 3. Moving Through Life at Different Speeds, 4. Compatibility Issues, 5. Communication Issues, 6. Narcissism, 7. Relational Abuse, 8. Life Habit Abuse, 9. Growing Apart/Boredom, and of course, 10. Money Issues. However, today we're not talking about a common breakup. Instead, we're going to discuss a man who broke up with the world's sexiest weather girl in order to fulfill his goal of become a Call of Duty champion. Take a look at the gallery below to learn about the couple and stay tuned to watch the gamer explain why he ended the relationship.

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We Broke Up

In a video published to his YouTube channel, Censor explains that he ended the relationship so that he could play more Call of Duty. That's right, he broke up with his model girlfriend to play video games.