Man is Hospitalized for Performing Oral on a 10-inch Penis!


His Mother Drove Him to the ER!

The news all came to light when Fredy Alanis shared a picture on social media of himself in the hospital ER with a captioned that read, "Dick sent me to the ER" (Fredy Alanis/Twitter)
So who is Fredy Alanis. Well, he is a gay man (hopefully) from Chicago, Illinois, who is now being called a “legend, a martyr, and an idol” after he made that post describing the unique way he wound up in the ER and subsequent 3-day hospital stay. As Fredy put it, it was all due to “sucking a hulk sized dick.”
Subsequent tweets were sent out by Fredy including one last week with the caption: “Excuse the bad angle but remember when I sucked a hulk sized dick and ended up in the ER afterwards LMFAO never forget.”

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