Man Loses Everything in Divorce, But Then This Happens

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This is the story of tattoo collector Christian Britten:

Three years ago I separated with my boys’ mother. I feel that I did the right thing by leaving her the house and contents as she was taking care of the kids. Six months later things went 360—the bank took the house and I ended up being a full-time dad to my two amazing sons who are now aged three and five. After losing so much during the separation I wanted to give myself two things that nobody could ever take away from me: I wanted to raise my children the best way I possibly could and completely cover my body with ink.

I selected three different artists and began my journey of being tattooed at every opportunity I could, but always putting my children's needs first! This soon become an obsession and within two-and-a-half years of blood, sweat and tears I had finished my black-n-grey body suit. Today I look at my two happy, healthy, stable and well-mannered boys and realize just how lucky I am.

The symbol on my leg is spinning clockwise which means evolution, the four points represent honesty, truth, purity and stability.

Tattooers: Johnny 2 Thumbs. Bali Global Tattoo. Khail.

Photos by Fifi Photography