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Man Turns Tattoo of Ex-Wife Into the Devil

A man covered up a portrait tattoo of his ex-wife with a portrait of the devil. Not just any devil. Not a cute little floaty devil that sits on your shoulder with a pitch fork. No—he made the woman a fiery red demon. She became the devil, we assume to match the impression she left on the man's brain.

The before photo of the tattoo features a smiling gal with blonde hair surrounded by lush blue and orange flowers. The after photo still includes her blonde hair, though now with the addition of horns, and her smile became a demonic grin with dirty fangs and a blue tongue. Beneath the portrait reads "Rom," both in the before and after photos. Either the name has no relevance to the woman, or the divorced man is extremely bold in labeling his Devil tattoo with his ex's name. There also appears to be daggers at her throat, but because there is no confirmation of such we will leave that up the viewer.

The tattoo was reimagined by Jojo Ackermann of Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery in Sherman Oaks, California. The tattooer posted the work to Instagram, "Getting a divorce? I got ya covered!" (We love when tattoo artists have a sense of humor.) Ackermann hashtagged the photo, "#noneofmybusiness#itsjustbusiness#nothingpersonal." Way to cover your own ass, man!

We've done it before and we will do it again: Inked advises all individuals to think strongly before getting a relationship tattoo—especially of this size. While they are appealing to many in the honeymoon phase, good things do sometimes come to an end. When that happens, you'll likely be glad you didn't make your romance ink-official. Or, you can follow in this gentleman's footsteps and turn he or she into the devil you discovered they were.

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