Man with Facial Skull Tattoo Escapes CA Chain Gang!


These Criminals are Two Faced!

We feel compelled to tip our hats to anyone who has ever escaped a penal institution. Hold on! We are NOT praising the act and depending on the infraction, for the most part frown upon whatever criminal act got you locked up in the first place. However, it usually takes a fair amount of cunning and hutzpah to wiggle your way out of a federal pen without getting your butt shot off, or at least being tazered to the point of delirium.

The latest dude with a facial tattoo to take-it-on-the-lamb is 27-year-old Corey Hughes and due to his release date, Hughes may have a lot in the hutzpah department, but not too much in the “smarts” area!


Photo via filmtheather