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Man with Second Amendment Tattoo Destroys His AR-15


The Gun Lover is Making a Big Statement After the Latest School Shooting

Last Wednesday, a high school in Parkland, Florida was devastated by a mass-shooting that killed 17 people. The shooter was identified as Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old who purchased the gun that was used over a year before. Cruz was known to have a fascination with guns and knives—with the AR-15 at the scene being one of his favorites. The AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle designed to emulate United States military M16 rifle, was first introduced to civilians and law enforcement in 1964 and has since earned a negative reputation with the rise of mass shootings. This gun has been a popular pick for mass shooters for decades now, making appearances at Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. However, one man decided that enough was enough. Take a look at how this gun enthusiast said goodbye to his AR-15 in the gallery below. Then let us know your thoughts on the issue in the comments section on Facebook.


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Take a look at this gun lovers changed stance on the semi-automatic weapon.