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Manchester City To Offer Laser Removal For Supporters

When a football club decides to alter their badge it is an enormous deal. Imagine if the New York Yankees suddenly decided to ditch their iconic "NY" for a logo featuring some sort of goofy mascot swinging a bat—there would be riots in the streets. So when Manchester City, the current frontrunners in the Barclay's Premier League, chose to switch up the design of their badge they knew there would be some public outcry and collateral damage. For example, what was going to happen to all of the faithful that had the badge tattooed on them?

The owners of the team took this into account and have made an offer to pay for any disgruntled fan to get their tattoo of the old badge removed. Considering the loyalty of the team's supporters there are a ton of MCFC tattoos out in the world. In other words, this offer could end up being quite the costly endeavor for the team's ownership. Although, as the fifth most valuable soccer franchise in the world they probably won't be driven to the poor house by it either.

The decision to change the badge was, for the most part, embraced by the fanbase. Through a questionnaire fans showed overwhelming support for the team's decision to change the badge from a shield design to a circular one, according to The Sun.

We're guessing that the majority of supporters will just add a tattoo of the new badge to their collection instead of opting for removal, you want to be able to hang on to that history, right? Especially if the status quo holds and the Citizens are on the top of the table at the end of the season. Regardless of what the fans choose to do we think it's really cool that the club has offered to help out their tattooed supporters in this manner. Way to go City!

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