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There Are so Many Sexy Women in the New Inked Girls We Put 2 on the Cover!

You already know that every time we release a new issue of Inked Girls that it will be filled to the seams with pictures of sexy tattooed women, but this issue is special. Not only were there so many lovely ladies that we had no choice but to put two of them on the cover, but every girl in this issue is rocking a hot pair of sneakers.

Yep, we did this one for the sneakerheads. Whether you love Nikes, Adidas, Vans or Converse this issue of Inked Girls is perfect for you. Of course, even the biggest sneaker aficionados are going to look away from the kicks for a little bit as they check out the women. And with 15 gorgeous tattooed models in this issue we've definitely got you covered on that front.

We could talk the issue up all day, but why don't you just have a look for yourself in the gallery below.

Digital downloads of Inked Girls can be downloaded here, here and here.