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How Many Styles of Tattooing Can You Spot in One Tattoo?

Today's tattoo of the day comes from the incredible Rember Orellana! Orellana is based at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton, Texas. and currently booked through March 2017! That's one hell of a wait list, and with such a high demand for Orellana's work, you know it has to be amazing!

Take this piece for example; today's pick is a beautiful Orellana classic combining a variety of styles that instantly makes the piece recognizable as his own. We adore the black and grey work that went into bringing this girl's portrait to life along with the subtle color embellishment to make the piece really stand out. As the piece then transitions into a more bio-mechanical piece, Orellana's design work perfectly flows with the natural curvature of the client's body. Then, to top it all off, Orellana adds a cool surrealist element to the piece with the red-tinted human eye and the realistic water splashing above.

Orellana is best known for his realism with a fun surrealist twist added to it, as today's pick displays. Whether he's tattooing waves with water nymphs hidden within them or just simply creating faces within bio-mechanical designs, Orellana is your go to guy for fantastical and original work. His color saturation is always on point and his black to grey transitions are always flawless. What more could you ask for from such a quality artist?

To see more of Orellana's impressive portfolio, make sure to take a look at his artist's page right here. We guarantee you'll fall in love with his work!

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