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Margot Robbie Gave Cara Delevingne a Bunch of 'Toemoji' Tattoos

When Margot Robbie revealed in a recent interview with Voguethat she had given Cara Delevingne a bunch of “toemoji” tattoos, we knew it was only a matter of time before we got to see evidence of the tats inked on the bottoms of the model’s toes. Lucky for us, Delevingne was feeling nostalgic last month, and posted a throwback photo on Instagram of herself posing with Robbie, and in the #tbt pic, the model’s “toemoji” tattoos are on full display. She even captioned the photo, “TOEMOJI TIME with @margotrobbie @suicidesquadmovie.”

cara delevingne toemoji tattoos

Delevingne’s “toemoji” tattoos are exactly what they sound like – a series of rudimentary smiley faces inked in black on the pads of six of the model’s toes, including all five toes on her right foot and the big toe on her left foot. Apparently this is pretty much par for the course for Margot Robbie, who has been inking her friends and loved ones ever since she got her hands on the do-it-yourself tattoo kit her roommate gave her as a wrap gift after Tarzan. While filming Suicide Squad, Robbie says, “people would come into my trailer: ‘Hey, Margs – can I get a tattoo?’ ‘Sure – sit on down!’” And after Robbie gave Delevingne her “toemoji” tattoos, “we all decided to get Squad tattoos, David Ayer included.”

Margot Robbie apparently fancies herself a tattoo connoisseur these days, and during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the actress told Jimmy Fallon that she had already done “almost 50 tattoos” on her friends, including Suicide Squad co-star Delevingne. Fallon then proceeded to show the audience a photo of Robbie dressed in her Harley Quinn attire, actually in the process of giving Delevingne her famous “toemoji” tattoos on the set of the highly-anticipated summer flick. It appears that Delevingne may have returned the tattoo favor to someone else as well, because there is also an Instagram photo of the model, another would-be tattoo artist, giving someone else what looks like their own “toemoji” tattoos.

cara delevingne toemoji tattoos1
cara delevingne toemoji tattoos2

Now that we’ve actually seen Delevingne’s emoji tattoos on her toes, we’re wondering if inking the bottoms of your feet is going to become some sort of new tattoo trend for Hollywood's elite. Not that it hasn’t been done before—Miley Cyrus has the words “Rolling” and “$tone” inked on the bottoms of her feet, and Delevingne herself has two bottom-of-the-feet tattoos—one that says “Bacon” and another that says “Made in England.”

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