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Margot Robbie Rocks A Pink Wig and (Fake) Tattoos

When you're one of the most beautiful women to grace the silver screen it can be more than a little difficult to go out in public without being recognized. Sometimes a little subterfuge is needed, so before heading out to a music festival in Montreal over the weekend Margot Robbie reached deep into her bag of tricks. Robbie, who is most noted for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street and will soon be playing Harley Quinn in the much anticipated Suicide Squad, raided the costume closet and put together a disguise so that she could rock out in peace.

Robbie threw together a look incorporating a pink wig and some fake ink that honestly didn't look all that different from what she'll be wearing in the role of Harley Quinn. Normally we wouldn't suggest that a woman as striking as Robbie do anything to alter her look, but, just take a look at those pictures! She looks amazing with tattoos, even if they are fake.

Apparently the pink wig was a very popular disguise at the Osheage Music Festival; Robbie's Suicide Squad castmate Cara Delevingne was seen wearing a similar pink wig at the concert on Saturday. OK, let's be honest, it was probably the same exact wig. As silly as it may be, there is something kind of heartwarming about seeing the rich and beautiful swapping disguises like schoolgirls trying to sneak out after curfew.

Check out the photos of Robbie with her faux ink and wig, as well as a few other pictures, in the gallery below.