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Margot Robbie Gave A Co-Star A F*cked Up Tattoo

Updated 2/8/2016

Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, detailing her ventures as an amateur tattoo artist on Sunday, February 7. Robbie said, "I've given 26 tattoos," she's also tattooed her own skin. However, she did misspell the word skwad while tattooing a Suicide Squad cast assistant. "Everyone was spelling it S-K-W-A-D," she said. "But I went straight from the S to the W." Tina Fey, who was in attendance with Robbie to promote their new movie,Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, replied, "A good time to be pretty." Check out Robbie and Fey with Colbert below.

This article was originally posted on 8/19/2015. 

Normally when I hear actors talking about what a great time they had on set while making friends for life I roll my eyes. Hard. Considering that it's something almost every actor has said at every press junket for every single film you can't fault me for questioning their sincerity. That being said, it is clear that the kooky kids filming Suicide Squad as we speak really are becoming good friends. We know this because you don't let an amateur tattoo you unless they are a dear friend, and multiple cast members spent last night solidifying their bonds with matching "Skwad" tattoos.

Joel Kinnaman, who will be playing the role of Rick Flagg in the film, took to Instagram to share photos of Margot Robbie tattooing director David Ayer. Kinnaman also shared a picture of himself alongside Will Smith (as Deadshot) showing off the tattoo he had just been given by the Fresh Prince. It's a good thing that acting career has worked out for Smith because we don't see a bright future in the world of tattooing for him.

"Will has many many talents, tattooing is not one of them," Kinnaman said on Instagram. "It was like watching a drunk baby flying a helicopter."

Jai Courtney, who is taking the role of Captain Boomerang, also was marked with the "Skwad" ink while in #Harleystattooparlor. Why were they using that hashtag you may ask? Because Robbie, who seems to really be taking to her role as Harley Quinn, was still in costume while she was behind the tattoo machine.

Tattoos have been a central part of Suicide Squad since the first details involving the film were released. Fans went insane when they saw images of a heavily tattooed Joker played by Jared Leto. After that there was an image that went viral, and ultimately ended up being a hoax, of Harley giving the Joker his tattoos. This was followed by pictures of Common on set rocking a face tattoo and Robbie being seen with some Harley related ink of her own.

It's nice to see a film's cast seem to actually enjoy hanging out together as opposed to just paying lip service to the idea of being friends for a change. We're happy to see the "Skwad" enjoying themselves and we look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out in August of 2016.