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You'll Never Look At Martha Stewart The Same Way Again

We've been waiting far too long for an iconic homemaker to take the tattoo plunge. Finally, Martha Stewart got inked.

Stewart took to Twitter yesterday, January 12, to voice her opinion on a photo of a tattooed younger self. The original DIY-er wrote, "An old photo of me enhanced with modern tattoos." She added (and we agree), "Kind of fabulous!"

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sex oozing out of Ms. Stewart in the photo below? Lady was a smoke show—and still is today, might we add. In review of Stewart's tattoos, we noticed the glamorous face plastered on her left bicep, which is rather similar to Rita Ora's rib tattoo. Of course, the professional bouquet builder also has traditional rose tattoos, as well as an umbrella on her right bicep, a dove on her neck, and a massive anchor on her right thigh. Traditional tattoos for a traditional woman. We like it.

Based on Stewart's reaction, we're certain that if Martha were a 20-something today she would be a frequent visitor at Bang Bang's studio. That being said, it is never too late to take a seat in the chair.

The artist behind her shopped ink is in fact not a tattooer at all. Cheyenne Randall is a faux tattoo artist, if you will, and he produces incredible work. We last featured Randall's prank with James Franco in October, when the graphic artist shopped an image of Emma Watson on his neck.

Franco isn't the only fella Randall has given faux tattoos to. He's covered Elvis, Zach Galifianakis, Steven Tyler and countless more.

Check out the gallery to see a handful of iconic babes Randall has covered in ink.

An old photo of me enhanced with modern tattoos kind of fabulous!

— Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) January 12, 2016