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Floyd Mayweather Hits the Ring in Style Thanks to Dapper Dan

High fashion and boxing are two things that the average person wouldn't ever expect to go together. Well, Floyd Mayweather isn't your average boxer and he sure doesn't dress like one either. When the undefeated boxer walks out to the ring on Saturday to battle Manny Pacquiao in one of the most anticipated matches in the storied history of the sport he will be wearing trunks handmade by New York fashion icon Dapper Dan.

Dapper Dan, whose birth name is Daniel Day, has been designing Money Mayweather's shorts for a while now. Considering he creates the trunks you would think that Day would know which pair the fighter plans to wear tomorrow but you would be mistaken. Mayweather orders a ton of different pairs of shorts and waits until the last minute to choose which ones he'll wear on the night of the fight Day explained to Maxim. 

The shorts are so well crafted and made out of such unique materials—in the past he has sported fur and snake skin trunks—that it's a shame they will likely get ruined during the fight. Hopefully Mayweather has a spectacular dry cleaner, we're guessing that it might be sort of difficult to get blood out of gator skin. Of course, with the massive payday that he is receiving he should have no trouble footing the bill, no matter how exorbitant it may be.

Check out some of the trunks that Day has designed for Mayweather to wear in past fights in the gallery below.